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Legacy Saviero

Legacy Saviero stands triumphant, perfectly poised, and radiant in the glory of its European appeal. Designed to host 96 families in its serenity, Saviero is adorned with an excess of luxury amenities, and replete with Legacy’s sublime detailing standards.

Legacy Salvador

Designed for those who wish to reside in Yelahanka in classical style with a contemporary twist. Salvador is a bouquet of luxurious modern amenities, wrapped in artistic brilliance.

Legacy Ariston

The essence of fine living with unmatched value, Legacy Ariston is the perfect amalgamation of modern amenities balanced with passive design.

Legacy Vivienda

Spanish architecture delivered off Int’l airport road, at the most affordable prices. Vivienda stands as an epitome of zero compromise in quality, served along with a unique combination of craft and comfort.

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