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Legacy’s inception was as an entrepreneurial venture incorporated in Bangalore, India in 2006.

Mr. B.H. Krishnamurthy with his expertise in project construction had already experienced success in real estate with the Chitrakut Group. When he met Sanjay Shenoy in 2005, who brought to the table strong skill sets in negotiation, legal affairs and land procurement, they decided to take the plunge with Legacy. The duo was joined by Rakesh Prabhu a year later who undertook all responsibilities of building the brand and establishing effective marketing methods in addition to building investor relationships.

Each milestone achieved since then has brought us immense joy. We have achieved our first mission of making our presence felt for what we truly believe in – Integrity, Commitment, Fairness and Mutual Respect.

We attribute our exponential growth within this short span of time to our uncompromising value system and to the people who have believed in us.

Legacy’s strength lies in our relentless passion and attention to detail. We seek to ideate, create and design living environments that people aspire to live in.

Legacy’s development has been primarily through a Joint Development (JD) Model and we shall continue to strengthen our presence in Bangalore while opportunistically considering developments in other cities.

B.H. Krishnamurthy

B.H. Krishnamurthy

Founder & Managing Director

Armed with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Mr. Krishnamurthy began his career as a site engineer in 1990. He found work as an independent contractor in 1995, and mastered the art of residential construction over the next five years. In 2000, he founded the Chitrakut Group, and founded Legacy in 2006.
His experience of 22 years in managing developmental projects and executing construction activities has played an instrumental role in elevating brand Legacy to its current stature.
His unwavering dedication to supreme quality in all aspects of every project under Legacy has been a motivational factor for his peers and the source of trust for Legacy loyalists.

Sanjay Shenoy

Sanjay Shenoy

Joint Managing Director

A spirited entrepreneur with sharp business acumen, Sanjay comes with a decade of experience in the real estate sector. Sanjay decided to incorporate Legacy forgoing his third year of Chartered Accountancy apprenticeship.
His negotiation proficiency along with his expertise in identifying and acquiring strategic land parcels in rural and urban real estate locations, have been a major contributor to Legacy’s exponential growth.
With a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Commerce, Sanjay’s key skill sets lie in land procurement, accounting & finance.
His dream to add to the heritage of Bangalore city came true with Legacy Global Projects which forayed into the market as a premium property developer, and is today responsible for many landmark developments in Bangalore.

Rakesh Prabhu

Rakesh Prabhu


A keen eye for detail with a passion for design; fundamental knowledge in development regulations and extensive experience in marketing, Rakesh is a perfectionist.
As Director for one of the most renowned real estate developer brands in Bangalore, his aspiration to enhance living, one family at a time, came true when Legacy entered the real estate market as a premium, sophisticated and trust worthy brand.
As a team player to this one goal that Legacy strives to achieve every single day, his key responsibilities include reaching out to investors for real estate development projects in Bangalore, and to effectively market residential & commercial properties to domestic & international customers.
Rakesh holds a B.E, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA from Wayne State University, Detroit.

Legal Compliance, Accounts & Finance

Sales, Marketing, CRM & Operations


Fuelled by an idea that is now a full-blown philosophy, Legacy has gone where few other real estate brands before them have.

Bringing alive the concept of Conscious Creation, it follows a path of consciousness, sustainability, and responsibility, even while it explores the power of creative design.

Conscious Creation is a reaction to the complex times we live in, and reflects our concerns with the world around us.

As we take a smart approach to design with an environmental vision, we design luxury in a manner that reduces environmental impact. This is achieved through establishing the right balance of ambient energy resources with active design. An emphasis is also laid on community development through dedicated common spaces equipped to encourage healthy community engagement with a safety design that allows dwellers to enjoy their privileges in peace.

From a greater sense of collective responsibility, to a heightened awareness of the world, it appeals to those who are drawn to a Legacy – those who Appreciate Life.



It takes many generations to realise the lasting value of a Legacy. From fine construction, to the highest-quality materials, no detail is spared to create a home that is tasteful to see, and delightful to live in.

Benchmarked against the finest homes in the world, Legacy cleverly blends innovation, creation, and intelligence to build the urban landscape of tomorrow.

It isn’t just a unique approach – it’s a quiet revolution in the way people relate to their living spaces.



The foundation of sublime quality lies in the right ingredient mix. Raw materials sourced of finest quality from the most trusted partners, gets us halfway through to our goal of creating an edifice of magnificence.

Because when you get the basics right, everything else falls into place.


Practice has taught us to master our recipe with the right mix of human skills and state of the art technology. Technology to build in strength with accuracy; humane skills to fill it with aesthetics.

Our technology is our tool to create masterpieces for you.

International standards

As an organization, Legacy has a primary duty of care to its community, beyond all personal interests. By virtue of our competence and ethical behaviour, we adhere to the highest quality in construction and architecture.

With international standards as our benchmark, we scale the quality checklist with utmost ease.


Every idea we conceptualize on paper is put in form by our workforce who work tirelessly on site, irrespective of weather conditions. It is this dedication and commitment that provides us with a chance to make our mark on land with our concepts. This and for the immense sense of gratitude we have for our workforce; is why safety at site is our No. 1 priority, no matter the risk on the project execution timeline.


Every Legacy home is a balance of diametric opposites: State-of-the-art technology goes hand in hand with traditional Vaastu. Sophisticated design fits effortlessly into thoughtful comfort. Luxurious detail works its way into practicality and convenience.

Our homes are designed and built intelligently – maximising space, and making the most of natural light and ventilation. The result? Living spaces that are timeless in their appeal.

Our love for what we do reflects in the minuscule details we curate into our projects. From the perfect location to provisions for ample space and effortless privacy; high security balanced with Vaastu compliance, the stylish details are just the tip of the iceberg.

Legacy holds true to its vision to create world-class living environments and provide a better quality of life for the people who inhabit them. Perfectionists by nature, we at Legacy believe in quality and luxurious living.

Every design created by our high-calibre team is a search for elegance & finesse; inspired from a love for detail & artistic brilliance. Every legacy home is an illustration of noble taste, superlative flamboyance and regal comfort.



The glossy finish of a brand new home is a delicate concoction of the art and science of design, architecture, material sense, lighting, fabric and passion. It takes 100% involvement and an ardour for perfection. It is because we understand this ingredient mix, is why we deliver the best results. You truly understand this the first time you step into our homes. Your eyes will marvel at the display and your senses will ache to grasp more of the detailing. When you heave that sigh of amusement uttering ‘wow’ under your breath, you know you have entered a Legacy Home.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Community support and development is a vital component of any Socially Responsible Organisation. The world has been changing dynamically and so has the idea of conducting business. We at Legacy having adopted “Appreciate Life” as our motto, have taken several steps towards a better today and tomorrow through our social initiatives.



Legacy has partnered with,

Parikrma Humanity Foundation

In the year 2003, 165 children from marginalized families started a new chapter in life, huddled together on a small roof-top in a school in Rajendranagar, Bengaluru.  

Today, with four schools (Jayanagar, Koramangala, Sahakarnagar and Nandini Layout) and one junior college, Parikrma Humanity Foundation continues to offer high quality education, hope and support to thousands of children from four orphanages and over 70 slums in the city. 

Parikrma Humanity Foundation has been awarded the Derozio Award for excellence in special education and social commitment. Parikrma also received the Governor’s award for exemplary social work in January 2007. Parikrma Humanity Foundation is now a chapter included in Cornell University and IIMB.

Aishwarya Trust

Aishwarya Trust is one of the largest NGOs dedicated to the cause of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and its treatment, with an extremely high ratio of successful surgeries. The vision is straightforward: to bring down the infant mortality rate through screening and early detection. Over the last 10 years, it has stood true to their cause, by successfully helping over 1300 children with heart diseases through surgeries, as well as screening around 1,00,000 children from economically-vulnerable families. It has helped children from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, and other parts of India, along with children from 5 African nations (Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Nigeria, and Somalia) & Iraq.

Gloria Educational and Charitable Trust

Gloria Educational and Charitable Trust started in 1999 as a non-religious and non-political voluntary group to contribute its mite towards improvement of quality of life on the rural front.  

The trust is registered under Trust Act for the benefit of the economically weaker section of the society. The organization was established in 1999. GECT focuses on empowering rural women and youth. 

GECT addresses the problems of rural people, especially women, indigenous communities, small and marginal farmers related to agricultural deterioration, rural unemployment, food security, technology gaps in rural development, backwardness of women and tribal communities, water and sanitation, conservation of ecosystems, health and decentralized governance.

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