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Legacy Salvador

Designed for those who wish to reside in Yelahanka in classical style with a contemporary twist. Salvador is a bouquet of luxurious modern amenities, wrapped in artistic brilliance.

Legacy Casero

Your own little paradise patch featuring 22 high end luxury homes. Designed and built as homes that are not just aesthetically fine, but contemporary and practical for modern day needs and comfortable living.

Legacy Estilo

A promise of beauty in every step, Estilo defines style in lush greenery, open spaces and luxurious design. It is a work of art; set in Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Legacy Celino

A modern day testament to the opulence of the past, replete with the delicate sensibilities of classical architecture; Celino is a go-to hub for luxury living.

Legacy Cirocco

Take a walk on a stretch of artistic brilliance every time you enter a Cirocco home. Located on Int’l airport road, Cirocco is the perfect amalgamation of regal architecture with privacy and open space.

Legacy Cataleya

A regal presence that offers proximity to culture and convenience, Cataleya is a rare privilege. Reside in the central business district in classical style.

Legacy Adonia

Adonia is luxury redefined for the crème de la crème of Bangalore. With subtle privacy and expansive space – the two most adorned jewel on any real estate crown, Adonia is home to the lords.